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    Trim off excess from the outer side of each lash. Bend lashes a few times in the shape of your eyes. Apply a thin layer of glue along the lash band and wait one minute for the glue to become tacky. It is very important for the glue dry properly for ease of application. If desired, apply a layer of mascara on your own lashes. Do not clump or apply too heavy. Line your upper lid with desired eye liner color. While this is also optional, adding eyeliner makes for a smooth transition from your lid to the lash bend. Use Clichy Beauty eye applicator or tweezers and hold a strip of eyelashes in the middle of the bend. Looking slightly down into a mirror, use the Clichy beauty applicator to place a strip of lashes onto the middle of your lid. Continue with securing both sides to your eye Once in place, squeeze your natural eyelashes together with your mink lashes using the Clichy Beauty eye applicator. Put mascara on your lower lashes to balance with top lashes, or better yet, apply Clichy Beauty bottom lashes to complete your look. Measure the length of lash band by gently placing on your eyelid.
    Thoroughly clean hands with soap and water. To remove lashes, use a cotton swab and water to loosen glue along the band line. Do not use oil based makeup removers. Gently peel the lashes from your eyelid. After lashes are removed from your face, soak in alcohol solution for five to ten minutes. The alcohol will help dissolve the glue and clean any mascara applied. It will also disinfect your lashes. Gently dry and peel off any remaining glue using your fingers. Keep lashes in the container provided to maintain shape.
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